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Critical Care Transfer Stack


The Critical Care Transfer Stack (CCTS) is an upright vertical tower that interfaces with numerous beds in circulation within healthcare. Specifically, the dimensions of the product allow for vital medical devices to be mounted to facilitate safe transfer of the critically ill. Intended devices include patient monitoring systems, ventilators, portable suction units, infusion devices, O2 cylinders and accessories. What sets the CCTS apart from previously seen products, is its quality design, customer-orientated approach and long-term efficiency.

Due to our innovative multi-bed interface, it has unique design characteristics of being compatible with most hospital beds currently used, therefore the CCTS is future proofed against the current market. The interface provides an easy to use, reliable and secure connection. The attached bed can be manipulated and orientated as required across multiple plains to support 30-degree neuroprotective measures and beyond. This is Illustrious’ first UKCA Class One Medical Device, developed in-house.

CCTS has been tested on site at University Hospital Southampton and the design refined in line with direct user feedback. It has proven easy to use and compatible with multiple bed types crossing several manufacturers across Intensive Care Units/Emergency Departments/Paediatrics and General Ward environments.

Manufacturers and compatible beds include:

  • Hillrom (Various Beds)
  • Linet (Various Beds)
  • Huntleigh (Various Beds)
  • SIDHIL Innov8
  • Favero Horizon 4.0 Precision
  • Nexus Legacy Spinal Bed (with Adaptor)
  • Nexus Legacy 



Our aim was to develop a product with the following characteristics:

  • Usable every day within a multitude of internal healthcare areas (Intensive Care Unit/Emergency Department/Theatre/Ward).
  • Compatibility with majority of specialist and common beds in healthcare.
  • Compatibility with medical equipment required to facilitate safe transfer of critically ill patient.
  • Ease of cleaning or decontamination for healthcare professionals.
  • Design and build quality indicative of a long product life.


The CCTS is a versatile product specifically due to our patent pending designed multi-bed interface and multiple options for the positioning and attachment of a wide range of monitoring and support equipment devices for the care of the patient, whilst being moved within the hospital environment.

If the specific bed or equipment manufacturer is not indicated, it is still highly possible that there is compatibility with or without an additional adaptor. Please contact us for further information.


The CCTS eliminates the need to move a patient from one bed type to another, which was previously required in order to facilitate Stacks that were not universal to most bed types. Therefore, the requirement to individually place essential medical devices on or around the patient can now be avoided in most cases. Removing the potential for additional costs and damages to high-value equipment. This, coupled with a reduction in risk to the patient and of staff injury from manual handling, is why we have developed the CCTS.

Manufactured to the highest standards of quality, the Critical Care Transfer Stack provides numerous advantages. Whether an internal transfer is a pre-planned elective scenario, or one mandated due to patient deterioration; the unit effectively creates an Intensive Care Unit platform on wheels. You just need to supply the medical devices. All of which can be plugged into the sockets available.  The full suite of connected monitoring and life support equipment attached to the unit can be powered whilst stationary by the single detachable extension power lead.  This also, serves to charge the onboard batteries of the attached equipment.  This circuit is protected by a power isolation transformer to further ensure the safety and ease of use of the CCTS.

In a time when patients are often moved to different areas to receive care, as in the case of the recent Covid-19 pandemic or emergency surge in requirements, the CCTS provides a safe platform allowing ward areas with appropriate gas supplies and power outlets to become temporary Intensive Care Units.

The CCTS being a mobile platform solution, also provides the facility to maintain the necessary medical support of the patient should there be an on-site emergency requiring evacuation.

Key benefits include:

  • Standardisation of intrahospital transfer process.
  • Time efficient transfer process.

Critical Care Transfer Stack


The CCTS is manufactured from high quality materials, which include Marine Grade Stainless Steel and Aluminium alloys.

The CCTS is finished in a gloss white antimicrobial medical grade powder coat.


The product's strength and resilience to cleaning products and reduced reliance on plastics in the manufacturing process provides a more environmentally sustainable option.  All metallic materials and electrical components can be recycled at the end of their life.


During development, the unit received overwhelming positive reviews from staff members across several disciplines and professional areas at University Hospital Southampton. The unit exceeded expectations. This was greatly welcomed by the hospital staff as the product was developed to meet the strict limitations and constraints due to the lift sizes, internal ramps and specific areas that the unit must operate within. This provides testament to the expertise of our in-house design and production team.


The product comes with a standard 1-year warranty. However, extensions and service options are available.


Illustrious Healthcare Solutions are ISO 9001 approved.
The CCTS is qualified in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 60601-1 and Medical Device Regulations. It is registered with MHRA and UKCA marked as a Class 1 Medical Device.



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