Critical Care Transfer Stack Launch

19th April 2023
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Illustrious Healthcare Solutions are delighted to announce the launch of the innovative and effective Critical Care Transfer Stack (CCTS).

Made possible by the collaboration between Illustrious Healthcare Solutions and University Hospital Southampton (UHS), this unique product is built through years of engineering industry experience, in combination with real-life healthcare application. The CCTS is an upright vertical tower that can be mounted with vital medical devices to facilitate safe transfer for critical care patients. It interfaces with a diverse range of beds that are currently used in the healthcare sector. The medical device’s foundational design accommodates and adapts to the customer’s requirements. It is made to meet your needs, and that of your patients.

Our partnership and collaboration with UHS has been essential to the development of the CCTS. With user feedback and support, we have been able to manufacture a product that has been tried and tested in a busy, practical, and real-life hospital  environment. The CCTS that is currently on the market is our 5th iteration, demonstrating the diligence committed to satisfying a fluid set of customer requirements. To ensure they were receiving a dependable unit, UHS required that it was classified, and conformity marked, as a Medical Device. So, we are proud to report that, after verification and validation to BS EN 60601-1, the CCTS is registered with MHRA as a Class 1 Medical Device. Further to this, we are Wessex Health Trust approved suppliers and gladly use the Made in Britain badge on our products. Our factory is ISO 9001 accredited, with an outstanding quality-orientated approach to everything we produce.

Part of the ingenuity of the CCTS is its versatility and universality. The dimensions of the product facilitate Intensive Care Unit (ICU) devices such as patient monitoring systems, ventilators, portable suction units, infusion devices, O2 cylinders and medical accessories. Furthermore, our original multi-bed interface allows a variety of beds to attach to the CCTS, with multiple options for the positioning and attachment of devices. It is essential that the CCTS not only eases the experience of the critical care patient, but also that it makes the work of the NHS and healthcare workers more manageable. It can be manipulated and orientated as required across multiple plains to support 30-degree neuroprotective measures and beyond. Whether an internal transfer is a pre-planned elective scenario, or one mandated due to patient deterioration; the unit effectively creates an ICU platform on wheels. The CCTS has a far-reaching potential and Illustrious Healthcare Solutions can work with you to configure your very own bespoke product.

In addition to the benefits that the CCTS provides for patients and staff, there is also the environmental benefit of this product. The CCTS’ materials are 98% recyclable - all the metallic and electrical components can be recycled at the end of service life. Further to this, because of its quality, Illustrious’ CCTS has a long service life, meaning the necessity for replacement is far less frequent than that of similar products. We consistently strive for excellence to prevent any damage. Further to this, any component repairs can be carried out at our factory, avoiding both the cost of buying a new unit and the cost to the environment. Spares can often be installed locally, thus not requiring the unit to even be returned to the factory in most cases. This reduces the overall carbon footprint through reduction in transport costs. The NHS’s pledge to reach net zero emissions by 2040 illustrates their shared dedication to more sustainable healthcare. The CCTS demonstrates our ability to create a sustainable device, without compromising on quality. The future of the NHS is greener and Illustrious Healthcare Solutions can support that. This device is finished in a gloss white antimicrobial medical grade powder coat. We pride ourselves on it’s easy to clean, hygienic design - one that, again, eases the operational process for staff.

Like all our products, the CCTS is engineered with you and your patients in mind. Illustrious Healthcare Solutions consistently provides reliability, excellency and extensive industry experience. Given the bespoke nature of this product, any queries are greatly welcomed, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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