University Hospital Southampton Handshake Event

Sofaya Looker-Ere 3rd November 2023
Press release

Illustrious Healthcare Solutions (IHS) is thrilled to have visited University Hospital Southampton (UHS) for a handshake event that symbolizes our strong relationship and collaboration. The contribution from NHS staff at UHS has had a significant impact not only on the products we have created but also on our understanding of the needs and requirements of the healthcare industry.

This handshake event, which brought together key members of both IHS and UHS, was also an opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of IHS' innovative products. The strategic partnership, ongoing since 2020, has seen the development of essential medical equipment with the potential to be transformative within the industry. The amalgamation of outstanding engineering and extensive healthcare knowledge has produced a new wave of medical devices that both parties take pride in being instrumental in creating.

The success of the Critical Care Transfer Stack (CCTS) can be attributed to both the engineering expertise of our company and the ongoing input from the hospital team. The CCTS was tested on-site at University Hospital Southampton, and its design was continuously refined in line with direct user feedback. After several iterations, the CCTS was finalized and is now effectively used in the hospital's Intensive Care Units (ICU).

During the event, which took place on Thursday, September 7th, a visit to the ICU was thoughtfully organized, with life-sized mannequins placed on beds and cots to simulate real-life scenarios. Kate and Toby, both ICU nursing staff members, kindly acted as models for the demonstration.

The event began with the fitting of the CCTS to one of the hospital's cots, along with the NOxBOX equipment and this process was made possible by the active participation of hospital staff. The same process was then replicated with the Linet Adult Bed, excluding the NOxBOX equipment, highlighting the ease of manoeuvrability and attachment/detachment of the CCTS.

Next, the CCTS was installed on the Hillrom EOD trolley, and attendees again witnessed its ease of fitting, utilization, and mobility.

Additionally, our Illustrious Multi-Purpose Clinical Trolley (IMPaCT) currently under review by UHS, which can be modified to meet the bespoke requirements of the individual UHS user departments was demonstrated and the features of the IMPaCT unit were highlighted. Including its custom foam inserts, simplified drawer runners for easy cleaning, an anti-microbial powder coat available in various colours.  Also, the standardised equipment rails on both sides, with a push handle to the rear.

The participants then headed outside the hospital for a memorable photo opportunity, featuring a handshake moment. The event involved key figures such as Contracts Compliance and Equipment Manager in Theatres Anaesthetics & Critical Care Richard Scott, Directors and Co-Founders of IHS Simon Escott, Wayne Gittins, and Pete Vaughan. This marked an important step in the company's relationship, alongside the testing and showcasing of IHS' crucial medical equipment.

At IHS we are incredibly proud of the work that has been achieved in the past 3 years and we are grateful for the fruitful relationship between ourselves and UHS. We prioritise the needs of our customers and thank UHS for a continuous advancement in how to achieve that aim. Primarily, the products that IHS have created so far are made with the intention of assisting the hard-working healthcare staff in UHS and beyond. Therefore, events like this consolidate a partnership that has been invaluable to us and demonstrates our desire to collaborate with real-life staff for premium healthcare for patients in the future.

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