CCTS Training at University Hospital Southampton

Sofaya Looker-Ere 25th May 2023

On Wednesday, our project manager, Craig Spring, gave the first training session to the staff at University Hospital Southampton (UHS) to use the Critical Care Transfer Stack (CCTS). This came after the delivery of the final iteration of the CCTS, one that has been created through an ongoing collaboration with the UHS team. The sessions conducted were successful and gave the team a fantastic foundational knowledge of the product. Having used various other Transfer Stacks in their time, this training was about demonstrating the unique differences and capabilities of the medical device to UHS’ staff.

In short, the CCTS allows staff to transport critically ill patients across the hospital, with the necessary equipment, and can be used as a portable ICU stand. This medical device will be transformative for Southampton’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU), enabling staff to provide comfortable transit for patients, with a sturdier and more bespoke model. It had been determined that face to face training at point of delivery would be beneficial and for there to be room for staff to provide us with relevant feedback or ask questions. It is important to us that we are always striving to improve a product until it is at its most practical and efficient.

Our multi-bed interface is a game changer for healthcare professionals with a variety of beds in use. At the training, we utilised the Sidhil Innovate Low, Linet MultiCare and the Legacy Bi-Lateral Turning Complex Care Bed. All which staff were shown how to attach, manoeuvre and transport through the hospital. When transferring the beds, staff moved the device through lifts as part of the training. Part of the bespoke nature of this specific CCTS, was that our engineers used feedback from the hospital about their lift's ramps and narrow dimensions, to custom make the unit. The training demonstrated the capacity of the unit and gave staff the opportunity to give real-time feedback to be fed back to us here at IHS. Before the training, the CCTS was tested with 12 different types of bed used at the hospital, showing how universal it is. And, after Craig’s training, the staff will be able to easily use the device on any compatible bed.

15 people underwent this training over the course of 2 sessions. Training was kept small so that everyone had a chance to practically learn and address any queries they had. It also equipped them with the knowledge to inform other members of their departments. Intensive Care, Infection Control, Clinical Engineers, the Clinical Care Technologist workforce and the Nursing workforce were some of the departments included in the session. Craig also covered the intended purpose, various parts, functions, prior use checks and maintenance as part of the training. The unit was populated with all of possible critical care equipment that will be used in real-life application. 

Feedback from staff after the session stated: 

"Excellent device and informative course."

"Practical training aspects were good."

"Excellent teaching and thoroughly detailed lecturer."

Engineering with Care is at the heart of Illustrious Healthcare Solution's mission. This first training session, and the valued relationship we have with University Hospital Southampton, represent the beginning of the transformative impact that this device can have for healthcare institutions. 

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